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Redesigned Chassis for 2014...
The QRC Intermediate is completely redesigned for 2014. The new design is more stable in traffic and responds better to adjustments than any other Outlaw Kart on the market.

QRC Intermediate - 250cc Kart Frames
QRC Intermediate or 250cc Outlaw Sprint Kart Frame and Cage - Winged Dirt Sprint Karts for Sale from QRC
QRC Intermediate Karts - New Front End for Fast Changes - Winged Dirt Sprint Outlaw Karts from QRC
The better way to make caster and camber adjustments!
The QRC CasterBlock™ system allows you to adjust to changing track conditions faster. It's lightweight and stronger than any similar system.
QRC Intermediate - 250cc Kart Frames

Coming Soon

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QRC Karts, Outlaw Sprint Karts, Caged, Winged, Dirt Racing Sprint Karts from QRC Karts
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QRC Karts, Outlaw Sprint Karts, Caged, Winged, Dirt Racing Sprint Karts from QRC Karts

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