31 Years strong. We’ve been at this a long time - thirty-one years to be exact. In that time we’ve seen our sport grow from a small group in Northern California to a nationally recognized form of short track racing. We’ve been part of every evolution, a leader in innovation, and most important, we’ve been lucky enough to be part of the lives of some pretty cool people…


Our products are manufactured in Red Bluff California, just a stone's throw from the Tehama District Fairgrounds, the birthplace of Outlaw Kart Racing. We use only the highest quality materials and pride in workmanship.

West Coast, East Coast, and many places in between. Our proudest accomplishment is our team and their dedication to the growth of Outlaw Kart Racing. And it goes far beyond our employees. QRC has a network of dealers who live and breathe Outlaw Karts. Your QRC is closer than you might think.