Tech Tip: Bleeding your brakes.

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I hope everyone is successfully able to lubricate their throttle and chassis components after the last couple weeks. Next we dive into the 2nd aspect of becoming a good driver. The brakes. Having good working brakes can able you to work your way through the field without getting involved in mishaps. To make sure you have your brake system properly plumbed, we will discuss how to bleed the brakes. First you must get a Brake Bleeder Kit which can be purchased at QRC for $20.50. After you have one of these you must fill your bottle full of Dot-5 brake fluid. Next you take the cap off your master cylinder and put the brake bleeder cap on. Put the bottle on the nipple of the new cap. Now pressurize the system by squeezing the bottle. Take a 1/4" wrench and crack one of the two caliper bleeder screws. If the fluid doesn't come out in a solid stream then leave it open until it flows smoothly. Then close that one. Move on the the second bleeder screw (if available). Some brake systems only have one line. You will want to repeat these steps in order to make sure all air is out of the lines. Move to the front brake if you have one on your kart. These require an allan wrench and you want to unscrew the top bleeder screw. Once you are finished you want to take the bleeder cap off and fill up your master cylinder. Put your billet cap back on and now you have a n "air free" brake system.


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