Air Filter Maintenance

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Wednesday morning’s 9:30 Tech Tip brought to you by Brandon LaChance and Casey McClain

Searching for small speed secrets but not getting any where? Start with maintaining for air filter weekly.

Air filter maintenance is key when trying to keep top performance in your engine.  Your air filter should be properly washed, dried, and oiled every week.  



After removal of your K&N Air Filter, be sure to cap of the carburetor to keep any dirt particles from entering your engine.

Then, spray K&N Air Filter Cleaner to the outside of your filter and allow to sit for 10 minutes to loosen up the dirt.

Rinse off the filter with low pressured water from the inside out to get rid of all dust and dirt until the filter is visibly clean.

Shake off excess water and allow your filter to dry naturally.

Once dry, apply K&N Air Filter Oil to the outside of the filter until you have a uniform red coat.  Allow to dry for 20 minutes then touch up any missed areas if needed.

“Sunday’s maintenance is Saturday’s success”

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