Chain Maintenance

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 Wednesday morning’s 9:30 Tech Tip brought to you by Brandon LaChance and Casey McClain

Quiet chains win races!

A properly maintained chain can free up horse power, add reliability, and prevent premature wear on drive components.

Chain maintenance includes cleaning, tension, and lubrication.


Liberally apply simple green while rolling the rear axle.

Pressure wash from the inside out while rolling.

Spray between inner and outer plates on the left and right side of the chain to ensure a thorough clean.

Wash contact surfaces of the sprocket 

Dry with compressed air, and follow up with WD-40 for immediate rust prevention.

Installation and Removal:

To install a Regina 520 Chain, First feed the chain through the Counter Sprocket and around the Rear Sprocket so the two ends meet. A new chain may need cut to length using a Joes Chain Breaker. Then slide a new Master Link in from the right side. Install the left side plate and clip so that the closed end faces the direction of travel.


To adjust chain tension begin by breaking the motor adjuster bolt loose, and loosening the engine clamps. This could be a tedious procedure, so work slowly and adjust a little at a time.  Push the engine forward with the motor adjuster bolt until chain tension is relatively tight.  Start to snug up the engine clamps slowly as you check chain tension. Roll the axle looking for tight and loose spots. The sag should be within .25”-.75” of movement.  Sometimes this is a trial and error process and won’t be correct after the first attempt.  Be sure that the engine clamps and motor adjuster bolt jam nut is tight by the end of the procedure.


Place the kart on a stand so the rear wheels can rotate.

Spin the rear wheels in the reverse direction while applying Lucas Chain Lube

Spray the lubricant inside the chain between the inner and the outer plates just before the front sprocket.  The centrifugal force introduces the lubricant into the pin/bushing area, assuring complete lubrication.

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